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Aiguille des Grands Montets
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Location: Les Grands Montets (Argentière)
Map Reference: GM1
Photo: View from the Terrace
Directions: From Lognan, take the Lognan/Grands Montets cable car. You will need to buy a separate ticket (5 Euros) at Lognan or get your Cham Ski pass validated at Lognan to use this cable car.
Non Skiers: From the Argentière base, take the Argentière/Lognan cable car followed by the Lognan/Grands Montets cable car to the top of Aiguille des Grands Montets.
Notes: Great panoramic views from the viewing platforms, take the steps down from the cable car exit to the lower terrace to reach the restaurant. Limited space inside plus outdoor terrace.

Our Views


Food: Freshly cooked omelettes, Savoyarde specialities including croutes and tartiflette.
Service: Friendly and efficient.
Vin Chaud: Good, 3.5 Euros.


Our ratings are based on individual ratings under each of four factors, three relating to the restaurant and the fourth based on its accessibility. The restaurant ratings are combined to give an overall restaurant score which rates each restaurant out of a maximum score of 15.

  Restaurant Rating
  Food blue blue blue blue white 4 / 5
  Service blue blue blue blue white 4 / 5
  Vin Chaud blue blue blue white white 3 / 5
  Restaurant Score 11 / 15
  Accessibility Rating
  Accessibility (Skiers) blue blue blue 3 / 3
  Accessibility (Non Skiers) blue blue 2 / 2
  Accessibility Score 5 / 5

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